Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What say ye?

Working on my blog this semester has been an experience through which I laughed and a lot of times, cried. By writing it from Malawi, Africa, I made make my blog only about Africa. Sadly, not so many funny stories come from Africa. There were some really funny stories about rats, bats, and internet so slow that a pigeon can carry one’s letter faster than it can be downloaded onto a computer :-) But so many stories are about horrific things people can do to one another. It was a major challenge for me because I love to laugh and usually look for humor in life.

This task was very time consuming as well. Because my internet connection is so slow I had to literally spend hours searching for articles that were adequate enough and not too morbid. I wanted to make sure that the articles I was writing would capture the attention of my readers and make them stop and think.

Now that this semester is over and I don’t have to write in my blog any more I want to ask you, my readers: will you keep reading my stories if you do not get points for doing so? Shall I keep this blog or let it rest in peace? What say ye?


  1. I say, please keep writing. I have even mentioned to Ms. Chism that I would like to keep up with your stories.

    Altho some of your stories were sad, and even scary to me, I find them very interesting. And if you keep posting, I will definitely keep reading.