Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The End

Well, here we are! The last week of classes and my very last post! I feel relieved and sad at the same time. I have enjoyed writing my posts and looked forward every week to see your comments to them. And you HAD no choice but to read and comment to my sick jokes or there would’ve been no grade :-) But with the pressure of 17 hours it has been a bit of a challenge to stay on top of my writing every single week.

I have been in this class with some of you guys since August of 2009! I have read most of your papers. I have cried over some and laughed over the other. I have made 2 pretty good friends here and I hope to be able to take more classes with them in the future. I know for sure that I will have one of them in my summer class and I plan to harass him till he quits it :-)

This class has been one of my favorite classes and it really helped me develop as a writer. I would love to keep writing here but unfortunately with everything that goes on in my life it is just not possible. This summer I am taking two writing intensive classes so all of my energy will be directed towards them! So this is my very last post on this blog.

I want to end this post by saying how much I appreciate all of your kind comments and that it was a privilege to take this class with you! I hope all of you have a wonderful summer and I want to wish you the best of luck in your future classes. You are most welcome to email me any time you want or you can also find me on Facebook.

Fare well! До-побачення!


  1. I was a pleasure to take this class with you as well. I truly hope that we do stay in touch with each other as I really value our friendship.

  2. I must say, I will definitely miss reading your witty, informative posts every week. Yours was definitely the blog update I looked forward to the most. Good luck with your classes this summer!

  3. I agree with Samantha, your blog was always the one I went to first. I have to admit, I was a little sad if there wasn't a new one posted :) Good luck in your next writing classes, although I know you will do just fine. Have a wonderful summer!!

  4. ahh Come on. Don't throw in the towel.. As the old saying goes, " When the going gets tough, the tough get going"

    Don't be a quitter. We will be sad. Do you want us to be sad, Irina? Doesn't peer pressure suck?

  5. Hahahahaha! Joseph, I have never been the one to bow down to peer pressure. Sorry. But because I love you guys so much and would hate for you to be sad I would write from time to time if I get something really funny. I guess I do bow down to guilt tripping :-)
    Samantha and Heather, thank you so very much for your compliments!
    Michael, I also value our friendship very much and I hope we can be in more classes together!

  6. All the cool kids are doing it!!!!

  7. 17 hours??!!! And you have kids? I am taking 13 hours, have 3 kids, and am dreading taking 16 hours, in fact, I think I will change my schedule in order to keep my grades up. Awesome job though!