Friday, September 18, 2009

Leaky condoms

I found this article on BBC Africa. It is about the “weakness” of the UK made condoms that are sold in Kenya. After the Kenyan government tested these condoms they found that they leak. The Kenya government gives out 160 million condoms each year to prevent people from transmitting HIV. It is reported that “Almost 7% of the adult population are said to be living with HIV.” The head of the HIV/AIDS control program said, "Those people who are using this particular brand of condoms are going to be very worried."

This is such a sad story. It kind of reminds me of an incident a friend of my told me when he was working with one of the AIDS organizations. There was a shipment of condoms that came in and the instructions on how to use them were stapled to the condoms themselves!

But it is not a laughing matter. AIDS in Africa is growing like a wild fire! The people that suffer the most from this pandemic are partners of promiscuous spouses and their orphaned children. People infected with this deadly disease are shunned by their friends and family. Why gamble with your life and rely on something as undependable as a condom?

The best way to protect oneself is abstinence. Former President Bush may have made himself unpopular by recognizing this, but he was right!

This picture was taken in Zambia near Kalomo.

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