Monday, February 15, 2010

“Are those yars?”

I really had no idea what to write about today in my second post. Life has been pretty good here lately with my power on, almost all the time, and my internet working, almost all the time! ;-) Absolutely nothing to rant about! What a shame!

Then we decided to go to Blantyre, a big city that is about 30 miles away from us, yesterday to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Since we do not get to go there very often I took the opportunity to get some groceries I cannot get in Zomba. Big mistake to do it with two kids!!! Erik and Dana acted as if they were kept in a dark barn and it was their first time out! First of all I sent Mark to get some cash for me out of an ATM. Because the Malawi Kwacha exchange rate is so high, K150 to $1, we get a whole wad of cash. So taking out $300 looks like a ransom pay off! Then Mark tried to stuff all that cash into his pants pocket, but without a whole lot of success. When Erik saw all the cash he just said, “WOW!”

Then it was time to do the actual shopping. We went in the stores and they were stuffed with people to the fullest capacity. I think all of Blantyre was there. My kids just went wild. Everything they saw they wanted! Erik wanted a kite and Dana wanted a dolly. I don’t mind getting toys for my kids but in Malawi they are junk and cost an arm and a leg! A tiny Polly Pocket is $10! I tried to ignore my kids’ pleas for the toys and at the same time not to run over other customers in the store while trying to get from point A to point B through the crowded aisles. Eventually I got so fed up with all the whining that I gave in and got the stuff they both wanted. Finally we left the store with Erik and Dana extremely excited about the things they got and me in shock from the inflation!

Overall, my kids do behave in stores and if I am firm enough, they will stop begging. They have never thrown a temper tantrum because I refused to get this or that and never screamed and fought uncontrollably. For my kids shopping is an event!!! But as I started writing this story I remembered something my Canadian friend Alex told me that happened to her one day. Alex has 3 little girls; Laura 6, Talia 5, and Ezera 3. I know, the poor thing! One day when Ezera was a baby, Alex took all 3 of her girls to a store with her. At one point the two older girls started fighting and the baby started crying. So there she was, pushing a cart full of screaming kids. Out of nowhere a woman came up to her and said, “Are those yars?” At first Alex did not quite get what “those” mean until in dawned on her that the woman was referring to her girls. Being the sarcastic thing that she is Alex answered, “Let’s stop and think here for a minute! Would I be pushing a cart full of screaming children down an aisle in a store if they were not mine?”

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  1. I love your blog posts! Sounds like you have some well behaved children, aside from the occasional "kid moments" that all children have when they really want something from the store. Also, keep the Lonely Hearts tidbits coming. Love your blog!

  2. LOL.. My daughter use to be awful in the store.. Luckily we go so much she has gotten better.. Good Luck :)

  3. i'm still laughing about the "ransom payoff." i love hearing about your way of life over there. always funny blogs, yet informative at the same time.

  4. The part about your friend reminded me of one day when I was in Olive Garden waiting for a table. These two kids were running around like banshees and the parents were just ignoring them. They were standing in the way playing within a few feet of me and this old woman turns to me and says, "I raised six kids better than you are raising those two," and walks off in a huff. My friend yells to her that they aren't even ours, but this lady didn't hear or didn't care. We laughed about it for the rest of the day. Even making jokes when we were in Wal Mart about how I must have lost my dang kids again.